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At VGC, we help your business to unlock its full potential through our valuable services ranging from Accounting, Digitization and Training. With our team of industry specialists, we tailor the solutions that are unique to creating real value for you.


We offer Financial Statement Audit, Internet Audit, Audit and Assurance, Audit Data and Analytics, Audit-related services. Accounting Services & Bookkeeping includes Cloud Bookkeeping, onsite Bookkeeping, outsourcing & Staff deputation. Other than that we provide Advisory services such as Tax Advisory, IT Advisory Services which are further divided into many departments. Software solutions, HR Transformation, Taxation, Business & Artificial Intelligence (AI), System Audit & IBTS, etc.


VGC contributes bookkeeping services for the client consists of maintaining internet books, advising on methodologies and account structures. These customized bookkeeping services fit all the needs of clients business depending on their objectives, new designs and financial statements.

Customized Solution

We provide a wide range of customized solutions that fill the gap in business development. It includes numbers of features, the total estimate of users, scalability, hardware & software maintenance, and support system, tracks the accurate financial metrics to run the business.

Cloud Accounting

We offer modern accountancy that goes under major transformations, introduce remarkable changing into this profession, massive favorable advantages in many different ways that bring further enhancement. It includes filing tax returns, managing staff, deals with liabilities.

RPA Software

Robotics Process Automation RPA allows the users to apply automatic business processes that consume the lowest entry barrier when it comes to cost-related terms. This RPA is the basic developmental adaption process that opens several different digital game-changing technologies.

Software & Apps

All business needs a proper system to develop customer services, streamline processes, increase the business efficiency and grow the sales. With this Software & Apps we create cost-effective, intuitive and intelligent business applications, customer portals, client self-service, ERP, CRM.

First Time Manager

First Time Manager Training program teaches all technical skills needed to be a manager which involves how to use different software like forecasting, learning of project management techniques, look around performance data, and learn about top trends in the financial industry and much more.

7 Effective Habits

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People sets the foundation for professional effectiveness – increasing productivity, restoring balance and developing greater maturity and responsibility. These habits help you lead your life in a truly effective way that can have an immediate and lasting impact.

Non-Finance Executive

All decisions in a business organization are made in accordance with how they will affect the organization’s financial performance and future financial health. You need financial knowledge and skills to understand your company’s decision-making, financial, and overall management processes.

Why VGC?

We truly believe in creating real value for the businesses, the value that can be quantified in terms of bottom-line improvements. While working with our customers, we put ourselves in their shoes and try to see things from their perspective, this creates beyond consulting partnership that lasts for the long term. We connect the best industry experts with businesses to create synergy. Providing quality solutions under the stipulated timeline is something that we value the most, we want to be perceived by our customers as a trusted partner. Team VGC is equipped with professionally qualified people having diversified industry experience, we think that to succeed, businesses must blend digital and human capabilities. We bring deep industry and functional expertise to stimulate change through forward-looking management consulting as well as data science, technology and digital ventures.

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We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.

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VGC works for the firm’s clients ensures to create operational accounting methods that match their business objectives. We help them through advising the process of organizing financial reporting, achieve compliance, improve the quality and speed of financial reporting, cross-border transactions and lot more.

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